Metro Sketch Series

The Washington D.C. metro rail has a unique energy during the morning rush; commuters eagerly hustling to their destination only to be enclosed in a space where anxiety is not welcome and time stands still. When the metro doors close there a sense of calm after the anticipation. In this place, I am a voyeur, the capturing strangers unbeknownst to them and bound by a common experience.

Metro sketches are ephemeral as there is constant uncertainty of a bumpy train against my pen stroke and the internal struggle of capturing enough of my subject before they get off of the train. 

They portray the calmness we feel, when the noise of the outside world can't reach us. The beauty and uniqueness of each drawing captures the human experience of riding public transportation; reminding us to be more mindful of our journey and stop focusing so much on our destination.


Anatomy Study Series

I have always been in awe of human body. It started early in my childhood as I was prone to chronic ear infections and seemed to find myself around medical professionals quite often. It was during these encounters with doctors and nurses when I recognized that the human body always found a way to repair itself when something wasn’t working right. The other determining factor of my love for the body was more externalized. I was a chubby kid who was always bigger than my peers and often fantasized about what it would be like to have an ideal body.

As I grew older, my extra pounds stayed static and my love toward the human body and its capabilities grew deeper. Movement played an important role during my adolescence. The physical state transformed me to a place where I could feel free from emotional pain. As I became more serious with my athletic career I began getting injured. I quickly realized how vital the study of Anatomy and Physiology was and started to learn how to self-diagnose and repair, so I could quickly recover and get back in the game.  

Although, I did not end up a doctor, my love and appreciation of anatomy still stands true through my work. My body is constantly evolving; forcing me to take inventory and what I need to do to take care of myself and others. I am pushing through my physical self and I am starting to dive into the emotional self- the hardships that I have carried, the impacts of these hardships and where they have manifested.

The Anatomy Study series depicts a dichotomy of the internal self and external self as well as study and play.  The splashes of color throughout this series symbolize my emotional state, while the anatomy drawing, typically sketched with graphite, charcoal or pen, is the physical representation of the specific areas of the human body that have impacted my emotional state. This series creates a fluid place where both exist and by balancing both study and play we are able reach a higher self.